Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Being one of the most memorable project in my career, my gratitude goes to the people at APU for placing their trust in my work.

I remember how it was late evening one day where I received a call from one of the management team of APU, seeking urgent service to capture photos of their new campus building to be used for billboard. 

We had our meeting the following day which was a Friday and I started taking photos of the building immediately, however it was late afternoon and the building wasn’t looking its best at that time of the day. 

I scheduled for another shoot on Sunday, weekend was the best time as that’s where the crowd is lowest – the trip was a gamble as my delivery depends greatly on the weather – clear sky and bright sunshine, and truly I was blessed with the cooperation of mother nature. 

The photos were delivered and I’m pleased to see my work being displayed for all to see. 

The adventure doesn’t end there, I was tasked to photograph the facilities around the campus. I’ve selected the images that I find best portrays the university, one of my favorite would be the concourse (left) of which you’ll see the center of the building – and open area for students to gather and commune, I composed this photograph based on the lines around the structure.

Below are the photos of the canteen area, with layout like a restaurant and serves delicious food – yes I tried them!

Being a university, I’m sure you know a lecture hall photo would be showing up and here it is.

I love the colors and the layout here and I spent quite a bit of my time walking up and down the hall and looking for all sorts of composition and believe me I had many. 

What I wanted to bring about is the uniformed nature of the surrounding and bring out the space and capacity of the hall. 

This is why for many space it’s good to have photos taken from multiple angles to give a better idea of what to expect, with my skill I can cater to your preference whether you want a spacious place to look narrow or vice versa.

Let’s move on to the rest of the facility.


Being a photographer is more than just clicking away.

In a scene like a classroom there’s a lot more work involved.

Being experienced helps with the composition, however the challenge of every scene is how to make it look neat.

Seats that are left by students are often misaligned and we do our best to re-arrange. I don’t mind pointing out that there are some flaws in the arrangement here, certainly an oversight on my part. 

I’ve been out of college for decades now and seeing a campus like this just puts me in awe. 

The campus comes with hangout facilities for students, certainly a great way to spend the afternoon and hang around with friends. 

Composition wasn’t difficult for this area but the lighting, the difference in exposure for the area outside the building and within meant extra work needed to balance out the bright and dark areas. 

With eat, study and play done, one must not neglect exercise. The campus comes with a gym with a good range of equipment for staying healthy. 

The challenge of photographing a gym is that one has to balance between the equipment that looks complex and often messy, and the space to show that there’s enough room for people to go about.

With all that done, a student has to rest and there’s no better place than the room. I love how the rooms are setup, I wish I had such nice rooms when I was a college student.

The challenging aspect about photographing the rooms is that they’re not only limited in space but they have many things around. What I did was I used a wide-angle lens to frame as much meaningful elements (bed, study table, window, cabinet) into the scene as I can, using a wide-angle lens also mean that the scene can look more spacious. 

Remember that some of these rooms are not big, and the job of a photographer is to make the place “sellable” or at least, spark some interest. 

With that we’ve come to the end of this sharing. I hope you like it. Do continue to browse the rest of my portfolio.