MAS Golden Lounge, KLIA

NOTE : I photographed the MAS Golden Lounge many years ago and the place has changed quite a lot since. For more details you may visit their website at the Official MAS Golden Lounge Page

Now back to my story-telling. While access to such a lounge is nothing new to the avid traveller, for the rest of us who bunks on economy flight this place is one that you wouldn’t mind calling it HOME. 

What good is a luxury lounge area if it doesn’t come with huge windows with a scenic view. 

As with my style of composition I love going with lines and separation of elements. The challenge to photograph this area would be the lighting where it’s bright on the outside and one has to balance between that and the lighting in the lounge area.

Scenes like this are often not one shot, we use bracketing to capture the scene at various exposures and blend them during post-production – it gets more time consuming when there’s more areas to match the exposure.

At the other side of the hall is yet another range of seats, this includes the dining area. 

I was spoiled for choices when it comes to the composition I can get at MAS Golden Lounge, many times I also do wish I’m that VIP that gets to sit there all day and enjoy the service provided. 

(Un)fortunately I’m here for work and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Some scenes look better during the night, if you look around my portfolio you’ll see scenes taken at different times of the day – that’s my commitment to my clients, I make multiple visits if I have to and all this is just to get the best possible shot.

Here with have yet another lounge area (top, right) and the MAS Golden Lounge also has a business area (far right). 

That’s all for my adventures here. Thank you for reading.