D’island Residence, Puchong

Situated in Puchong, D’Island Residence is a gated community and the unit I am photographing is called the Nautilus (Right) which is a Semi-detached unit.

Below are other views of the house taken in the evening as the dark surrounding brings out the charm of the interior better. 



Lines lines lines, I can’t say enough how much I love lines as they can make compositions so interesting. 

The living room (right) and dining area shares the same space, what I like about the setup is the cyan and brown themed deco and upholstery, giving the scene a cozy and pleasant feel.

Towards the right side of the space (bottom) is the staircase that leads to the upper floor.

The dining area is absolutely amazing, though not exactly practical. 

For this scene I left the curtains open, allowing the natural light to clash with the warm lights from the bulb, making the scene as natural as can be, not to mention that the diffused (softened) light brings adds depth and dimension to the entire area. 

The Nautilus comes with a huge kitchen area, at least that’s what I see in this showroom. 

Observe the number of table tops that goes from the middle to the rear (Refer to the rest of the images). 

Let’s just say this is the DREAM kitchen of many.

Nothing to say here, however I do thank you for reading thus far and I hope you stay on till the end. 

One of the most attractive rooms in this house is this one, of which I believe it is a recreation room.

One of my favorite images in this project is the one below, where the ray of light happens to be cast on the wall and at an angle that fits the step of the stairs and at almost the same angle of the hand rail.


I absolutely love what the developers and their ID did for the upper hallway.

Walking up from the stairs (below), you’ll be greeted with what I would call a “mini living room”. It certainly will be a high-traffic part of the house as it connects to 3 other rooms, not exactly the space where I want to spend a quiet evening at. 

This is the type of room every adult wish they had when they were a kid. Observe how I use the lines of the bed frame to make an impactful composition (Left).

Next to the kiddy room is yet another room. 

Lastly we have the master bedroom with space, A LOT OF SPACE. 

There’s so much space that even the balcony has more space than my bedroom, says the photographer.

We’ve come to the end of this journal and I hope you enjoyed the photos and my sharing. Thank you.