NEST Co-working Space

Located at the of The Curve (The Street area), NEST is a revolutionary co-working and serviced office space that comes with food and beverage (F&B).

What I like about NEST is the clean, simple and modern design. I love using leading lines in my photography and this place is one that I had joy photographing the space.

This is the view you get as a person who entered the premise – a service counter at the front, work area towards the rear. Stair case that leads to the facilities in the upper area and on the right side out of the frame is the dining area.

(Left) : Behind the service counter is the lounge area, perfect for discussions or having a meal in a relaxing fashion. Outside the glass window is the F&B area.

(Right) : Ordering food at NEST is easy, just hop over to the available panel located around the area and place your orders. 

Beyond the glass wall is the dining area that’s open to both tenants and walk-ins.

Whether you’re dining alone or in a group, there’s a place for you.

The stair case leads to the function hall at the highest floor, however what’s interesting is actually the middle point where there is yet another lounge area. 

Comfortable sofa and bean bags? Power socket for your laptop? It’s all there, fit for a cozy afternoon of work.

The utility area, or should I say function hall is spacious and flexible, I’ve actually organized events there before and totally enjoyed the place. I guess this explains now why I can elaborate quite a bit about this place. 

Being a co-working space ideally I should highlight this one first but I feel that going with the order of things visible suits the flow better.

Out at the front are the hot desk and fixed desk areas, and right under the signage (where the bright lights are) is the pantry and open area for tenants.


And lastly the areas that are located towards the back of the premise – the conference room, the meeting rooms and the private suites.