Setia Eco Park Bungalow Unit, Shah Alam

The photo above was awarded Merit Prize at Master Photographers Association’s Photo of the Year under Oversea Commercial Photography for Architecture, hence this is one of my memorable projects. 

For this project however, like many others, do not have exterior photos because they’re in a mess.

I’m sure you’ve seen showrooms where the show unit comes with nice environment but this is not the case for the project here, perhaps it wasn’t a trend back then. 

This is the living room of the said unit which is a 3-storey bungalow that comes with a lift! 

The hall is actually the 2nd floor while the floor below houses the dining area while the floor above are the rooms. 

Below are 2 areas that share the same floor as the living room. The first (left) is a bedroom while the next one (right) is a recreation room, no TV set there unfortunately.

The award winning photo above is the stairway that leads to the study room (left) and master bedroom (right).

If you browsed my other works before I’ve often expressed my liking for lines, this is one of those shots where all the lines and made it an interesting composition, separating areas and colors to make it inviting and that’s my specialty. 

That’s all for this one, thank you for reading!